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Chemotherapy day...It’s Chemotherapy day…

My Mum calls in the morning. She starts to cry. I feel for her, but I can’t deal with this. I don’t want to cry and she’s going to set me off.
We make a pact that she can text me on chemo days but not call me. We say our Love You’s and hang up. It’s a short call.

Nick holds my hand tightly as we walk to the chemotherapy suite. I feel fine.

We’re directed to our bay, and I take the seat nearest to the toilet, not knowing at the time that this is the best seat in the house.

My name is written on the board against the seat number and soon a nurse joins us.

She goes through my notes with me, and then says

“… so this is your first one.”

It’s at this point I burst into tears.

The gentleman sitting next to me, takes my hand and with tears in his eyes, tells me that it will be okay and that we are surrounded by love. His wife comes over and gives me a huge hug and he does the same.

Where in the world would total strangers take your hand and offer comfort?

I feel better now.
I am lucky to be getting this chance.
Connie get a grip!

He leaves and soon a very lovely lady sits next to me. We get chatting and we find that we are on the same treatment. She gives me some very useful tips like wrap up before you go out. DO NOT drink anything cold, make sure it’s lukewarm at best. Don’t go near the fridge or freezer. The 3 hours fly by whilst we chat and soon it’s time to go home.

Because of our schedule, we would find ourselves in the same clinic at the same time and would search each other out. She has become a dear friend whom I would never have met if it wasn’t for this. Every cloud….