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Having my PICC Line put in…

Having a PICC Line put in...‘Darling, I’ve found a video that I think you should watch about PICC Lines and how they are inserted’.

My husband Nick’s early career was as a technician in operating theatres, so has seen hundreds of operations.

He knows I love Holby City, but this is too much. Does he not know that it’s really only about the romance, and whether Sasha will finally find true love, whilst we all admit to being a little bit in love with Mr Hanssen?

Phew! It’s an animation. I now have an idea of what to expect, and why I have to have one.

Now what to wear?

No seriously, what do I wear? It’s November, it’s cold, but I have to find something that’s short sleeved. I’ve put all my summer stuff away.

I have so many clothes. Too many clothes; clothes I haven’t worn yet; clothes I have completely forgotten about; clothes I never even knew I had. Everything has sleeves as I am always cold, and all the sleeves are tightly fitted which is not going to work. I have NOTHING to wear. I need new clothes.

Finally, I have found a loose-fitting jumper with flowing sleeves that my Mum bought me for my birthday in April (never worn). I must remember to ask for more of the same for Christmas.

The drive to the hospital is frantic. The traffic is worse than normal. Roadworks have suddenly appeared from nowhere. The road is gridlocked.

We are going to be late. I’m going to miss my slot, and my chemo is tomorrow. I’m beside myself.

I call the hospital in a panic. “I’m stuck in traffic….”

“Don’t worry, we will fit you in when you get here.”

Panic over.

St Luke’s Hospital

I’m sure that you know that your own hospital with its doctors and nurses is the best in the Country. St Luke’s is mine.

It is also a code word for those of us in this special club. Our’s is attached to the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, which is the hospital that everyone knows. You only know about St Luke’s if you or your loved one is having treatment there.

I arrive about ½ hour late, but there is no problem. I’m sent to the end bay where the bed is set up for PICC lines. The board says Sara is the PICC line nurse today. Sara is lovely.

All the equipment is ready. She gets gowned up, then asks if I want to watch on the screen. HELL NO! but I smile politely and mutter something about being blind without my glasses.

“You can put your glasses on, I’ll get someone to bring them.” she cheerfully announces.

It’s not my day today, and no I didn’t watch.

It’s soon over. The x-ray shows it’s in the right place, then my line is dressed with a final flourish of Tubigrip – lovely.