PICC Line Cover – SHIMMERING PINK Stretch Sleeve

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Soft stretchable jersey PICC line cover/sleeve in a delicate, almost metallic SHIMMERING PINK shade with white stitching on the upper and lower seams.
This fabric is soft, comfortable and easy to wear while the great colour density means that it covers and obscures well, so keeping you PICC line secure and hidden.

Product details:

Usage: Designed to cover PICC lines and FreeStyle Libre sensors.

Material: Polyester/Elastane blend.

Quantity per pack: ONE - PICC line sleeves are supplied individually.


  1. Get help... it's a lot easier !
  2. Place the hand of your PICC arm on your hip to show the upper arm.
  3. With a tape, closely measure the circumference of the upper arm at the mid point.
  4. Sleeve fit should be snug and secure but not uncomfortable or restrictive.
  5. If your measurement is on the boundary of two sizes choose the SMALLER size.

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