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FAQ: What’s a PICC Line ?

Click here for an explanation of what a PICC line does and how it is inserted.

FAQ: Can these be worn over FreeStyle Libre sensors ?

Yes. PICC-Me Sleeves are suitable to be worn over FreeStyle sensors. You can scan the sensor directly through the fabric, so there is no need to remove the sleeve before scanning. FreeStyle, Libre, and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Inc.

FAQ: Can I return items ?

Yes. Please click on the link to see our Returns Policy.

IMPORTANT: Orders placed through AMAZON cannot be returned using this form. Please use Amazon’s returns process. All Refunds and Exchanges are governed by our Terms of Sale. If you have any questions, please contact us at PICC-Me Customer Care.

FAQ: Where are PICC-Me sleeves maufactured ?

Every PICC-Me sleeve is made in the UK

FAQ: What materials are PICC-Me Sleeves made from ?

Our stretch and lace sleeves are made from a Polyester/Elastane blend

FAQ: About our sleeve colours…

Our sleeve images are taken in studio lighting conditions. We want our colours to be shown as close to reality as we can reasonably achieve. Unfortunately computer, tablet and mobile  screens can subtly change the presentation of colours and so there might be some variation between the colour you have seen and the sleeve when it arrives. If you find a sleeve is not the colour that you expected, we will happily exchange or refund your purchase in line with our Returns Policy.

FAQ: Are PICC-Me Sleeves waterproof ?

No. PICC-Me Sleeves are not waterproof and should be removed before showering, bathing and sleeping.

FAQ: Washing instructions and care:

Click here for Washing and Care Instructions

FAQ: My sleeve slips down:

The clear, sterile dressing applied over your PICC line may have a glossy surface which can cause your PICC line sleeve to slip. If this does occur, we recommend that PICC-Me sleeves are worn over the tubular stretch covering supplied by your ward or community nurse. However, if your sleeve regularly slips down, you may need a smaller size. IMPORTANT: Your PICC-Me sleeve should be comfortable to wear without being overly tight or restrictive. If you are in any doubt about the comfort, fit or application of your PICC-Me sleeve, please ask your doctor, ward or community nurse who can guide you as to the best care for your PICC line.

FAQ: My sleeve rolls down at the top:

If your sleeve rolls over on the top edge, your sleeve may be too small. We occasionally have requests for longer sleeves when our customers have found the upper edge rolling down. The solution is usually to have one size larger.

FAQ: How do I choose the correct size?

Follow our Sizing Guide to get the right fit. Click here

FAQ: Sleeves with character images;

We often get requests for sleeves with well known characters from Marvel Comics, Harry Potter etc. Unfortunately these images are subject to very strict copyright laws and pre-printed stretch fabrics with properly accredited images are very rarely available. We know from experience that transfers and ‘stick-ons’ tend not to work on our stretch fabrics. So, we are not able to supply sleeves with character images.

FAQ: Are PICC-Me PICC line sleeves & covers classed as medical devices ?

No. PICC-Me Sleeves are not medical devices. They do not have a therapeutic effect. They are not intended to provide compression of the PICC line site.
They are classified as clothing accessories. We recommend they are worn over any covering, support or protection provided by your healthcare professionals.

FAQ: What PICC-Me Sleeves are:

PICC-Me Sleeves are designed as a fashion accessory to provide you with an attractive cover for your PICC line or sensor. They allow you, as far as possible, to hide your PICC line or, should you wish, to make as bold a statement as you possibly can – it’s entirely up to you. Having therapy doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

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