About us

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Our Mission…

We know from our own experience that having a PICC line can be a big challenge. It’s a difficult time and you’ve already got your hands full.PICC Line Cover - STAR-STRUCK Stretch Sleeve
Our aim is really simple: To make life a little easier by creating PICC line sleeves which are:

  • Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Easy Care
  • Affordable

That’s it…

Is it PICC Line ‘Sleeves’ or ‘Covers’?

Both are fine. We know that people searching on Google or other search engines tend to search for ‘picc line covers’. However, at PICC-Me, we think that ‘PICC Line Sleeves’ is a more accurate and better description of our stretch fabric products.

How we started…

Connie & Joanna PICC-Me Ltd Founders
PICC-Me Team: Connie (L) & Joanna (R)

Connie had her PICC line put in 2016 and needed a sleeve to hide the awful tubular bandage she’d been given. Mostly she wanted something that was attractive but that could also be re-used.

The only source she could find at that time was in the USA. The sleeves were expensive and when they arrived she was so disappointed with the fabric, they were poorly made and every sleeve was a different size!
Frustration raged. There had to be a better way than this but for the moment at least, she had her hands full…

Twelve months later and with recovery on the horizon and her PICC line taken out, it was time to make good on that promise to herself.

Connie takes up the story…

I approached my sister-in-law, Joanna, who is a professional dressmaker. We worked together to come up with something that was actually wearable, better made, hand washable and more affordable. Like many post-chemotherapy patients I had and still have peripheral neuropathy but with Jo’s endless patience, I learnt to sew and between us we made every sleeve.

The Early Days..

Jo produced the pattern designs and sourced the fabrics and then we made loads of free samples for the local oncology unit to help us with patient feedback. Now we needed to make our sleeves available to a wider audience, so husband Nick, who was looking forward to a well earned retirement after 40 years in healthcare, was promptly co-opted to create this website and now runs the e-commerce side of the company.

We learned a lot in those early days. Firstly, there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. We increased from 3 to 5 standard sizes. Moreover, as every fabric has its own stretch characteristics, we needed patterns for each fabric and size, so with 30+ designs we’ve assembled a huge pattern library. Some of our first colour choices were spectacularly unsuccessful – memories of the ‘lime green’ still haunt us even now.

Initially Connie didn’t want a black coloured sleeve, she thought it too morbid but encouraged by Jo and Nick we gave it a go. It quickly sold out and today ‘Black Stretch’ is our most popular sleeve.

Where we are now…

Since it was founded in 2018, PICC-Me LTD has become the UK’s premier designer and manufacturer of PICC line sleeves. Our product range quadrupled in less than a year and we now have over 30 designs and styles. As orders from new and repeat customers have increased, we have expanded our production team to meet demand. PICC-Me blog icon: Union Flag However, we have not changed one of the founding values of the company; every PICC-Me sleeve is still designed and made here in the UK and they always will be.

Right from the start, PICC-Me has been a professionally structured organisation. PICC-Me LTD is registered with Companies House, as a Data Controller, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and we follow their policies and guidance to ensure compliance with UK GDPR so your personal data is kept safe. The PICC-Me name and the PICC-Me logo are Registered Trademarks with the UK IPO which means you know who you are dealing with. We pay Corporation Tax in the UK. In addition to our own personal donations, PICC-Me LTD is a Cancer Research UK donor.

PICC-Me is about holding onto your own identity during treatment. It’s about making the positive choice to be Me….

Click here to take a look at our on-line store. We hope you like our sleeves and covers.

Connie, Joanna & Nick. x

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