Wear & Care Guide

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Standard Length Sleeves

For Long Sleeves: Click here for our Long Sleeve Wear Guide

We appreciate that providing a ‘Wear guide’ for a simple sleeve might seem a bit much and it’s all really very obvious…. OK, we get that. However, we also know from personal experience that getting a PICC Line for the first time can be very daunting. These simple steps can help make life a bit simpler when you’ve already got more than enough going on.

Sleeve Orientation
Correct orientation

Open the pack…
Remove and KEEP the Care Instruction Card – it has washing instructions and our website and contact details for future reference.

Unfold the sleeve…
Lay the sleeve flat, widest end upper most.
Each sleeve fabric has different stretch characteristics and we have spent many hours developing individual patterns for each fabric and sleeve size.

From the widest opening first…
Slide your hand into the sleeve and draw it up to the elbow, keeping the seam towards the body.

It’s time to take care…
Ensure that you do not disturb the clear film dressing or the PICC port from its tube of protective gauze if it has one. (This image below shows a typical PICC line after placement – the PICC line port, coloured white, red and green, has been removed from it protective gauze tube). PICC Line Nurses and Technicians use different dressing styles, so if your PICC line doesn’t have a gauze tube, don’t worry.PICC Cover in placePhotograph-of-a-PICC-line-on-an-arm

Draw the wide edge over the dressing and port…
The sleeve should sit comfortably over the PICC line port and cover the clear film dressing. Some larger dressings can extend below the sleeve edge. The sleeve can be re-positioned to cover the dressing edge is necessary. If your PICC line has been inserted low down – towards the elbow then a longer sleeve may be needed. Contact us at Customer Care for advice.

Your sleeve should be comfortable to wear
Your PICC-Me sleeve should be a snug, secure fit but it should not be uncomfortable, overly tight or restrictive. It has been carefully designed to be comfortable to wear but if you are in any doubt about the comfort, fit or application of your sleeve, please contact us at PICC-Me Customer Care or ask your doctor, ward or community nurse who can guide you to the best care for your particular PICC line.

My sleeve slips down
The clear, sterile dressing applied over your PICC line may have a glossy surface which can cause your PICC line sleeve to slip. If this does occur, we recommend that PICC-Me sleeves are worn over the tubular stretch covering supplied by your ward or community nurse. However, if your sleeve regularly slips down, you may need a smaller size.  Contact us at PICC-Me Customer Care for advice.

My sleeve rolls down at the top
If your sleeve rolls over on the top edge, your sleeve may be too small.  The solution is usually to have one size larger. Follow our Sizing Guide. Click here or Contact us at PICC-Me Customer Care for advice.

Care  Label

Washing Instructions
We recommend our sleeves are hand-washed in a light detergent, rinsed well and dried flat, ideally in an airing cupboard away from direct heat. Avoid ironing sleeves with metallic effects. Do NOT dry clean, tumble dry, bleach or leave in contact with direct heat.

Care Label

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