Size Guide

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Use our Size Guide to get the correct fit for your sleeve. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you measure your arm before ordering:
Get some help to do this  – it’s nearly impossible to measure your own arm accurately – we know, we’ve tried !

Measuring for PICC Cover

When to Measure:
A few of our customers, knowing they are going to have a PICC line fitted, have tried to get ahead of the game and order their covers before their line has been placed. Sounds a great idea, but unfortunately this can lead to choosing the wrong size, so it is best to wait until your PICC line has been placed before measuring and ordering.

Where to Measure:
PICC lines are usually inserted into a vein in the upper arm, so measure the arm with the PICC line:

  1. Get help…. it’s nearly impossible to measure your own arm – we know, we’ve tried !
  2. Place the hand of your PICC arm on your hip to show the upper arm (see image).
  3. With a tape, measure closely around your upper arm at the mid point.  When measuring over your PICC line, please be careful not to disturb the dressing or the fixation device if applied.
  4. Sleeve fit should be snug and secure but not uncomfortable or overly tight.

Take your measurement and choose from the following size guide:

  • Up to 24cm (9½”): Extra Small
  • 25 to 28cm (10″-11″): Small
  • 29 to 32cm (11½”-12½”): Medium
  • 33 to 36cm (13″-14″): Large
  • 37 to 40cm (14½”-16″): Extra Large

The sleeve fit should be snug and secure, so do not be tempted to add to the measurement. If your measurement is on the boundary of two sizes choose the SMALLER size.

PICC-Me PICC Line covers and sleeves are made of a blend of polyester and elastane (‘Lycra’) and are designed to stretch.

Different fabrics have different levels of stretch and we have designed our sizes around these characteristics.

IMPORTANT: Your PICC-Me sleeve has been carefully designed to be comfortable to wear. It should not be too tight or restrictive. If you are in any doubt about the comfort, fit or application of your sleeve, please ask your doctor, ward or community nurse who can guide you to the best care for your PICC line.

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